Finding The Perfect Editorial Content Planner To Achieve Your Daily Tasks

The Content Planner 2018

Do you semi-obsess about being organised and enjoy being surrounded by nice stationary and decor? Are you constantly on the go, brimming with creative ideas every five minutes? If this sounds like you then this is for you…

I appreciate the detail that goes into the finishing touches. Anything that helps to simplify life with less distraction is a winner in my book. I present to you… THE CONTENT PLANNER but wait! this is no ordinary content planner. If you spend most of your time marketing a brand online, then this is an absolute must-have for your workspace.

With it’s Sleek, Stylish and Elegant design – Founders Amber Harder and Kat Gaskin did well not to leave anything out..

Who is it for:

  • The Stylish Savvy on the go Entrepreneur
  • The Blogger
  • The Online Brand Owner
  • The Social Media Marketer
  • The Campaign Manager
  • The Juggler

You will ask yourself the same question I did when I watched the video below “Oh my God – why didn’t anyone think of this before”


  • Arrives beautifully gift boxed
  • Easy to write in
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to carry
  • Set weekly goals and all your goals for the year
  • An area big enough for you to write your next big ideas
  • Pre-entered important retail dates
  • Leaves a nice paper trail for you to look back on your achievements
  • Oh, and did I mention a fancy Gold pen! and clips ♥

More and more features in the Video Presentation.

I’ve been using The Content Planner now for the last two months and have to say out of all the online planners/apps I’ve tried and believe me when I say I have tried them all. With the use of Todoist for IOS  integrated with Google Calendar achieving daily tasks for both personal and work is a breeze. The addition of The Content Planner has by far given the best results at bringing everything together both electronically and visually.

No more procrastination anxiety Yay!  A physical content planner that’s easy to carry will make you stay more focused and feeling like you’re actually getting somewhere. When you write something down you automatically become more committed to it.

For the days when you don’t have The Content Planner, it’s easy to write any extra thoughts into the very handy Simplenote IOS App by Automattic the same developers who created the WordPress App. It will sync across all of your devices seamlessly and allow you to easily copy any anything across. This way, you can leave everything in your workspace and only carry your planner when working away.

Times are changing. Before we wanted it all now, but now that NOW! is overkill physical planners like this are making a fast comeback.

If you already have one, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Until next time, Miss Abs xo

Miss Abs
Miss Abs

Welcome to Anayah London. I am a visual artist, illustrator based in London. My art is a balance of my African culture, free thoughts & spiritual themes. Turned into beautiful intriguing visuals. For women to feel positively empowered and represented by my work. What does the name Anayah London signify? “Anayah” means God Has Answered. “London” is where I was born and raised. Miss Abs xo

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