Crochet Hook Size Conversions

anayah london Crochet Hook Size Conversions

What is a Crochet Hook Size Conversion Chart?

Just like clothing and footwear, there are variations for sizing depending on which country you are buying in. The same applies to Crochet hook sizing. The charts below include Standard & Steel – UK / Canada / US and AUS/NZ Metric Hook Sizes and will help you to crochet along with any pattern.

Using an incorrect hook size can have an impact on the overall size of your crochet project. If possible, try to avoid this by using the suggested hook size in your pattern and testing the gauge if one applies to the pattern.

The only time this does not apply is if you are not following a “pattern”. E.g. Occasionally, you may purchase unusual yarn and might want to play around with making a few shapes and testing whether or not you will be able to crochet with it.


UK / Canada Hook SizesUS Hook SizesAUS/NZ/Metric Hook Sizes
--25.0 mm
-S/3519.0 mm
-Q/1916.0 mm
-P/1915.0 mm
-O/1712.0 mm
000N/1510.0 mm
00M/139.0 mm
0L/118.0 mm
1-7.5 mm
2-7.0 mm
3K/10 ½6.5 mm
4J/106.0 mm
5I/95.5 mm
6H/85.0 mm
7US74.5 mm
--4.25 mm
8G/64.0 mm
6/7F/53.75 mm
9E/43.5 mm
10D/33.25 mm
11-3.0 mm
-C/22.75 mm
12-2.50 mm
12B/12.25 mm
14A/02.0 mm
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UK / Canada Hook SizesUS Hook SizesAUS/NZ/Metric Hook Sizes
 03.5 mm
003.25 mm
  3 mm
112.75 mm
  2.5 mm
1 ½22.25 mm
2 ½42 mm
3 ½61.75 mm
4 ½81.50 mm
5 ½101.25 mm
6 ½121.00 mm

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