Absolute Beginners Crochet Series – EP 1 | Learn How To Make A Slip Knot


Crochet Beginners, before you start your Crochet Journey you will need to learn ‘How To Make A Slip Knot’. This quick tutorial will have you creating slip knots with your eyes closed in no time.

Let me know you get on in the comments and if you have any questions be sure to ask me below or via social media.

Thanks for watching!

Miss Abs xo

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Miss Abs
Miss Abs

Welcome to Anayah London. I am a visual artist, illustrator based in London. My art is a balance of my African culture, free thoughts & spiritual themes. Turned into beautiful intriguing visuals. For women to feel positively empowered and represented by my work. What does the name Anayah London signify? “Anayah” means God Has Answered. “London” is where I was born and raised. Miss Abs xo

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