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Hello, Welcome To Anayah London.

My name is Miss Abs, born and raised in London of Ghanaian descent. I am strongly inspired by colour, ethnic cultures, bohemian fashion, crochet, handmade & wellness.

Self-confessed, free spirit, soul-searcher & problem solver. I am driven by the needs of others, this inspired me to help reshape the world and positively give back through creative mediums.

At age 11, I was fascinated by how quickly a beautiful pattern could be created with just a small steel crochet hook. From then on I became seemingly “hooked”. Contemporary Crochet is a natural part of my being. It has led me to build long lasting friendships and relationships with individuals that I will cherish forever.

Not just limited to crocheting, I use an array of traditional handmade technics for the art of craft. Influenced by my Mother, a qualified nurse, and retired seamstress. It is no wonder that I am passionate about designing, creating and wellness.

“I feel tremendous gratitude in doing exactly what I love.”

Anayah London Boutique
Find an array of unique items to choose from at Anayah London Boutique. An exclusive wide range of handmade crochet pieces by Miss Abs as well as jewellery and custom designed artwork to compliment your Afrohemian Lifestyle.

Miss Abs xo

Anayah London

Soulpreneur | Crochet | Artisan


Welcome to Anayah London. I am an Artist / Maker born and raised in London of Ghanaian descent, I'm strongly inspired by colour, African culture, bohemian fashion, crochet, handmade & wellness. Follow in my journey through Arts + Culture, Fashion, Hair & Beauty. I share to help women feel empowered and inspired.

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